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You can't do anything if your body is not well so I realized that 
it's better to do everything you want when you are well. Therefore,
let's challenge!!

He really show us that all is possible TwT~ Thanks.. Jaeseop Kim!


Paran The Pace (파란 더 페이스) - Hello [Digital Single - Paradoxx 1/2]

Why am I so amused with unamused Jaeseop?

UKISS on K Culture magazine

It’s beautiful! *o* Soohyun always do his best >///< .. I really love this song!

Saranghae Shin soohyun! 

PS: Please, see the original video ^^!

The Night We Shared (16+) 


Soohyun - POV: Jun

Note: Rating this story 16+ for light smut.

I waited patiently for hyung to arrive. He said he would be here soon, but I hated when people used that word. Soon was such a vague window, it always made me anxious whenever I heard the word soon. I paced back and forth through…

I love it *u*!!!!

So,am i the only one who saw the tattoo on Hoon’s back? 





I think is a birth mark or something…

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This is a compilation of Jaeseop’s vocal parts on U-KISS songs
The first song after Obsession’s Intro is “A pair of suit" by Paran, and the last it’s a fragment of "Fall in love" that AJ sung in NY concert

"Naaaaaaaaaasty" - Eli Kim (via daebisori)

U-KISS Mono Scandal Track Romanized Lyrics 


  1. Don’t Flirt
  2. One
  3. Come Back To Me
  4. Can’t Live Without You